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How to Watch the Oscars 2020 on TV and Live Online

The date of the Oscars 2020 is around the corner. If you are not up to watch the Oscars 2020 from your TV, you will really need to look for the best alternative to catch up with the cool spectacle. The good thing here is that you can live stream the Oscars 2020 right from the ABC channel, which offers many options to watch the spectacle online.

When you watch live online, you will also see what the TV offers. You can witness the action on the red carpet to the main event itself. You need to turn your device on earlier if you want to watch the exclusive red carpet. It happens on March 4, beginning t 6:30 e or 3:30 p. Then the main event, the awards ceremony will happen at 8e or 5 p. For the TV internationally, you could tune in the ABC to watch the show. But if you are watching from your favorite device, you could live stream the Oscars 2020 at or the ABC app.

For watching the live stream, you need to be sure that you are subscribing the ABC channel. The viewers can also watch the awards ceremony and the related shows while on the go. All you need to do is to download and install the ABC app so that you can enjoy it when the moment of truth comes.

Besides the live stream options, you could also consider adding The Oscars: All Access which will give you the show of the interviews with the nominees, presenters, as well as the performers on the Oscars Red Carpet. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the backstage and the audience during The Oscars. You could see the show from the different perspectives. And that is a rare and cool opportunity because you can get closer to the venue although you are not attending the event.

This will be the Hollywood’s biggest night. Watch the Oscars live on Sunday, March 8e or 5 p via your favorite channel: ABC. Or live stream the show from the ABC app.

The live stream on and the ABC app will depend on the participating TV provider account in the coverage areas only. If you are not in the coverage area, you might need to find other alternatives to keep following the show.

As mentioned above, you should make sure that the spectacle even starts half an hour before the main event happens. If you do not have the cable connection to connect with the Oscars live via ABC then you could try other alternatives which allow you to watch the rewards ceremony from your favorite devices like laptops, mobiles, desktops, android, mac, iPhone and other compatible devices.

There are many other ways to watch Oscar awards live Online

The simple cable subscription with high-speed internet connectivity will enable you to watch the spectacular event live from your smart TV or other compatible devices. The easiest way to watch it through your personal devices is by using ABC Go. You will need to sign up a new account to access the app. You can also live stream the Oscars via Hotstar as well.

The different part of the worlds might have some limitation when it comes to the coverage. If your area is restricted from the conventional option, you could alternative to Sling TV instead. It is the best option for live online streaming Oscars.

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The only shortcoming that you would notice is that you need to have the high-speed internet connection to keep streaming in HD. Sling TV also offers free trials for the new users. If you want to test the service first before spending your money on premium services, you could use this feature for free. Even better, you could watch some shows without spending a dime. Sunday will be a spectacular night. Millions of viewers will simultaneously watch the show. Reserve your option now and make sure you will join with the other viewers around the world to witness the incredible awards ceremony.

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