2018 Oscar Awards

Several facts You Need to Know About The 2018 Oscar Awards

The 2018 Oscar Awards are set to begin soon. There can be some historic moments that happen during the Oscars 2018. The nominees for this year can break the color, race, gender, and age barrier when the 90th Academy Awards is held on March 4, 2018. Jimmy Kimmel is set to return as the host when this event airs live on the television station ABC. If a person is not at their home television set they can also steam this event live online. Jimmy is not going to hold back so it will be interesting to watch him host this event live.

For the past 15 years Adrien Brody held at record at the Oscars. He was the youngest person is history to receive the award for Best Actor. At the time that he won he was 29 years old in 2003. He won for his role in The Pianist. There is a younger person up for this award and many insider say that he is likely to win. Timothee Chalamet is 22 years old and his is nominated for his role as best actor in the movie Call Me By Your Name. He may be young but he certainly has the talent.

There has been a lot of discussion this year on people that are transgender and the rights that transgender people have. This has touched Hollywood as well. Director Yance Ford is the first transgender director ever to get nominated for an Oscar. Yance has a good chance of winning and becoming the first transgender person to receive this award. Yance along with Josyln Barnes produced the documentary Strong Island. This movie is up for the Best Documentary Feature award. This film follows the investigation of the murder of Yance’s brother in 1992. Yance is honored to be nominated and feels that he will not be the last transgender person to be seen at the Oscars. There are a number of up and coming directors that are transgender and making some quality films.

Yance Ford is not the only person up for the director award that can make history. Greta Gerwig can be the second women that won the Best Director Award for her film Lady Bird. She feels honored to be mentioned with some of the great directors as well as female directors of all time and wants to be an inspiration for other women to follow their dreams.

There is another woman that is looking to make history this year. Rachel Morrison is looking to take home the Oscar for Best Cinematography. She directed the movie Mudbound and her photography is breathtaking. She said that she would like to win to open the door for more women to get into the film industry.

Prejudice has been a hot issue in this country for the past couple of years. Luckily the Oscars ignores all color, race, and other boundaries. Kumail Nanjiiani who is a Pakistani American along with his wife Emily Gordon are up for an Oscar for their movie The Big Sick. This movie is up for the best original screenplay award. Kumail could be the first person of Asian heritage to win an award for writing if this film wins the Oscar. This can open things up for people from all heritages and nationalities to express their creative talent in film.

African Americans are seeing people from their decent recognized at the Oscars as well this year. Jordan Peele is the first African American that is up for the award for Best Director. He is up for the award for the horror film title Get Out. This is the fifth time that Peele has been nominated for an Oscar. He has received previous nominations for his directing as well as for best picture. He has not taken home an Oscar yet and is looking to change that and history this year at the 2018 Oscars.

Christopher Plummer is looking to make history once again at the Oscars 2018. He has already made his mark. He won the award for best support actor at the age of 82 making him the oldest person to win this award. This year he is up for the Best Actor Award for his work in the movie All the Money in the World. Plummer is 88 years old and if he wins he will be the oldest person to win this honor in the history of the awards. Plummer has stated that he is both thrilled and honored to be nominated for this award. He said he was not expecting it and is very exciting. Plummer was cast in this movie when Kevin Spacey was replaced. Spacey was replaced due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Plummer was added to this movie only a couple of weeks before its release date.

This year there are many different ways to watch the Oscars. So that no one missed a moment of the award they are going to be streamed at ABC.com. A person can also have access to the show from the ABC app. They will see the action live as it happens without delays. A viewer will get the see all the tearful acceptance speeches and any mess up that may happen as well. Even if a person is going to be outside of the country they will be able to catch the awards. The Academy Awards 2018 will be streamed internationally. The events start live on the Red Carpet. The Red Carpet does not disappoint. A person can see who is wearing what and any scandalous dresses of the night.

The Oscars are going to be more interactive this year as well. A person can go online and make their picks. They can challenge friends and family to see who had the most correct picks as well.

These are just some of the exciting and historic events that may happen at the Oscars this year. There are a number of great movies up for awards and the people that made these movies are diverse and have unique talents. It will be interesting to the results of the awards and which actor or actress will take home the Academy Award.

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